Terms and Conditions for Lok Dry Cleaning

Garment Care

Unfortunately the dry cleaning process does not remove all stains. These stains will be identified and individually treated. The type of stain and type of material dictates what type of treatment we can use. Whilst every effort is made no guarantee can be given as to the success in removing all stains. This does not suggest that the item has not been cleaned and cared for to the highest standard. It would always be helpful to point out any stains you are aware of to a member of staff.


Please note: The British Standards Institution No 4961 allows for a percentage of shrinkage in certain curtains. The Management does not accept any responsibility for any damage to curtains that do not have a cleaning instruction label.

Ties and Shoulder Pads

Due to the risk of colour loss, colour migration, shrinkage and problems with some tie construction, especially silk and padded ties, ties will only be processed on the understanding that the customer is aware of such problems.

Personal Property

Responsibility stays with the customer to ensure they have checked all the garment pockets for any personal property before they book them in for cleaning. All garment pockets are thoroughly checked by our staff before cleaning, however no responsibility is taken for any loss or damage to any customers' property left in any garments. The management will not accept responsibility for any items left on the premises.

Duvet cleaning

Duvets must be paid in full when booking in for cleaning. Duvets can take longer to clean so please be aware when your order will be ready for collection.

Disposal of orders

Please be aware we can only hold your orders for a maximum of 3 months. We reserve the right to dispose of any orders of any orders not collected after this period, and any claim for items after this time will not be the responsiblity of management.

Care labels

All garment care labels are checked and followed to the instructions given. If any items do not have a care label, the instructions are unclear or missing then customer consent must be given before proceeding with cleaning.

Garment accessories

Whilst every care is taken with all garments before, during and when finishing. No responsibility can be taken for any buttons, buckles and accessories being damaged or falling off from the garment during the dry cleaning process. Although every care is taken to return any of such items to the customer with the garment.

Order collection

Please check your garments on collection and before you leave the shop - we cannot be held responsible for any damage or missing items after your order has been collected. No responsibility is taken for customer orders not collected after 1 month after the date of collection.


April 2017